CLOTHING: Creating and Uploading


Calling all artists!
Are you tired of creating cover art, wishing for episode to have something else to benefit you?

well I have just the thing for you!

I think episode should create a tab in the clothing area called “Your Uploads.”

How does it work Queenie?
Episode should create a naked figure template, so that people who use art programs ( Gimp, Photoshop, Ect) can download it, create the clothing they want, then upload that clothing item into the tab, Of course it will have to go through the inspection in order to check if its inappropriate or to see if people use copyright images.
Also, people who don’t know how to draw can always ask someone in the forums.

Tab suggestions?
“Your uploads” which then drops down showing the categories (Tops, Bottoms, Shoes Ect)

Please feel free to drop your pros and cons

Creating our outfits!
Clothing : add new clothes in episode from outside
Make your own costume
Custom Content!
Clothing: we should be able to customize our clothing to some extent
CLOTHING: Clothing Creator
Do you think we should make our own clothes?
FEATURE: Upload your own outfits
FEATURE: Upload your own outfits
FEATURE: Making your own clothing

That would be amazing, Support!



How is this possible?

That sounds so cool and would definitely be something I’d use! SUPPORT!!!

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I am in full support of this. Not only do talented artists get to show their skills, it also takes off the workload of Episode employees who are in charge of clothing and whatnot.


This would be amazing! If Episode put it through a process like they do with covers so no one tries to do anything against guidelines it would be perfect.


I totally support this, although it seems unlikely to happen :frowning: It would take very perplexed coding, since clothing changes with movement. Plus, these clothes are based on a certain art style and Episode wants its “wardrobe” organised; everyone kinda does. And don’t forget that while reading a story, some exclusive outfits cost. Allowing artists to create their own pieces would mean that the :large_blue_diamond: purchases wouldn’t be that popular anymore. Lastly, appoving overlays and backgrounds is an already time-consuming procedure. Imagine having to approve clothing too! It would take forever for our stuff to be accepted.


So support!!!:heart:

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Feature + Art Suggestions + Animations Index!

Loads of support! This is an amazing idea!

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Support i would love to make clothing

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I cant photoshop :joy:


I support

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SUPPORT I WOULD LEARN PHOTOSHOP TO DO THIS. (trying to bump this topic)


Wonderful idea!!! Support!

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Yes! Support!

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Yes, it would be so helpful, especially with Limelight

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This would be awesome! SUPPORT!

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It would be a cool idea but there are also a ton of complications this would bring. Like what @MariaG said, making the clothing move correctly with certain animations would be difficult. Also, if the person chooses to upload a top, episode would have to allow access to episode made bottoms because you can’t ONLY wear a top. This would make combining episode made outfits, and custom outfits slightly confusing.