CLOTHING: Creating and Uploading



and i think all of the limelight clothes should go onto ink or you could pick which style of clothing/there were no boundaries on what clothing style should go on the story




I agree


I like this idea. Although, there are many complications in order of doing this. As, @eden.episode said.


Support! And Episode animations are ‘doll-based’, so as long as you make a back and front and separate the body from the upper-arms and legs and separate those from the forearm and lower legs when you make the sleeves for your clothes and have a more specific upload department for a.o. sleeve-parts and leg-parts, it should be doable. Though, I don’t know if it’d be worth the trouble to make, as the Episode crew is already busy enough with checking all of our overlay and background content…




DEFINATELY! I totally support this, especially since some stories are in the fantasy genre, and creating that many clothes would be really hard for the team. This way, the clothes would look creative and different in every story, and readers would have more fun reading the stories too, not to mention the artists who would have a good time creating the outfits. We have an upload section for backgrounds, why not for clothes?






I agree!


Support all the way!!!


I totally agree we should be able to make our own fabulous clothes! :kissing_heart::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::dress:


That would be awsome! Support!


Support! Bump :slight_smile:


Support. I hate having no tomboy things in limelight. It’s either a boy, or a girly girl. AT LEAST GIVE US SOME SNEAKERS!






You’ve got my support!!


I would absolutely love this! It brings more creativity and variety to episode. Also this’d be really cool with custom skin colors, eye colors, eye shapes, and hair. Just more skin details like freckles and beauty marks too. Makeup also would be nice. Just throwing some ideas out!


Love it!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: