CLOTHING: Creating and Uploading



Support i need this so much


Absolutely support!
I have a few favorite clothing parts but it would be so much better to create my very own outfits, I’m on this with everyone who supports that brilliant idea.


Each part of the body would have to be a separate ‘joint’ to move correctly with all the animations, and some things have specific things to do during animations (hair falling, dresses shifting) and I think a lot of people are overlooking this.




Yes please I want to make different clothes tattoos hair everything to have more variety to customizing my characters.




SUPPORT!!! :heart_eyes:


Episode make this happen!! also some of the outfits we make we could let others use if they gave credit. like share with them through portal or links!!


I have a lot to say about this.


  • Extensive range of how characters look
  • More unique looks


  • Regarding to what @princesslexay said about sharing clothing via links, art stealing can be a big issues with sharing
  • Background and Overlay Review may be even slower due to the review of clothing
  • Episode must test out every clothing piece with every animation in history of Episode’s Animation, which may slow down updates

I have more, but there’s way too much of it to say.


its not stealing if you share the link with someone so they can put it in their story…


You don’t know if they will give credit or not.


I support!!!


itd be the authors choice to share it with them . therefore its not stolen. but its okay its not like its gonna happen