CLOTHING: Creating and Uploading


but the app dosent work in the same way as sims, sims is 3d game where charaters is model, where as episode is 2d and drawn, a lot of people in this forum does not undertsand that they work in complete diffrent ways,


Yes, I know it’s different. That’s why I said that they could do something like that, not exactly the same. Anyway, the point is that there could be a way to make it possible :joy: I’m only giving my point and support.

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making it would not be doing one drawing, i am working on a video game which is in 2d, for the charatere to walk i had to make 32 versions, of them moveing there legs, i had to do this with evry single charatere walking , in up down and to the side, where as had this been 3d i just needed to make the walking animation once and then i could put on evry skin,


Mmm… Then I guess is just a fairytale :anguished: but it would be cool, anyway :joy:

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I love this idea




YES!! Support!


This is a great idea, support!


I agree






I already said support but I really think this would be a great idea letting our stories truly stand out.

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Mhmm it’s a really cool idea