CLOTHING: Crown for Males!

I’ve noticed that we already have a nice selection of crowns for the ladies (both INK and Limelight), but I haven’t seen a single one for the boys yet! I think it would be great for fantasy stories (or even romance ones, Royal Baby style) to add crowns for males.

Maybe, even add different types of crowns for different cultures (and not just the stereotypical European crowns and tiaras), such as those:


Cool idea! Hopefully the Episode Team will think about it. :slightly_smiling_face:

YES! I would still call the male character a queen tho. Everyone can be a queen.


Supported! This is an interesting idea! I really need crowns T-T

Hello! Please be reminded that this suggestion was previously made here, so go like this post too! Also try to avoid making simillar posts since it reduces the chances of being noticed! Thanks!

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Oh, sorry! I didn’t see it before, I’ll support it right away

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Support! We have queens and princesses but where are our kings and princes?

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I would love to have real crowns for kings and princes while having fake crowns for dressing up.





Yes! Please, I also searched for a crown in my story but I couldn’t find one.

wear oh wear is my LOVELY I WANNA KNOWWWW (Where do you go, oh oh ooh oh.)

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support :raised_back_of_hand:t2:

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