CLOTHING: Dance Attire


I am currently writing a story revolving around the performing arts (“Find Your Voice,” being published in a minute! Reads and feedback is appreciated! With my dancer characters, I have to use my imagination and use normal costumes and clothes for their dance clothing.

My suggestion is that we could perhaps get some dancer attire? This would include leotards, ballet shoes, tap shoes, tutus, and things of the like. That would just be awesome!

Thanks so much!



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Support! :hugs:

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Support <33

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as a ballet dancer of… i think 8 years now, i’ll be the first to admit that i spent a long time trying to recreate the outfits that i had grown up with. i… gave my best shot. the closets are very limited. ink, however, does have designated tutus and flats, but they are less for traditional dancers and more for everyday style.

neither outfit looks very good, but they are the best possible, surprisingly, so we do need new pieces!

edit: ink does have a high crown-of-the-head ballet bun with blunt bangs.


On top of having animations for ballet, salsa (for limelight and classic), and more.

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In LL, there are the Pleated Small Belted Waist High Skirts, those look pretty close to a dance skirt

Considering they named a contest Dirty Dancing, you would have thought they would have released some sort of Dance attire to fit the theme.