Clothing Deisgns For Your Characters!

Hi there, if you want me to design some outfits for your mavelous characters, here is the place to go!
I’m willing to create some outfits, you can ask me how many ever you want and I will try to get to you as soon as I can! I will need the color of the brows, hair, and eyes if you want an outfit. If I do a character design, unless you have an already made outfit I will create one for you.
All I need are these details:

What I Need:

Any other details:

Style: Limelight
Name(optional): Liza
Gender: Female
Personality: Funny, Sarcastic
Event: Casual movie night with friends
Any other details: Hates pink, loves flashy stuff, hates neutral tones
Body: Copper 07
Brow: Arched Natural - Chestnut Brown
Hair: Afro - Chestnut Brown
Eyes: Deepset Downturned Wide - Ice BLue
Face: Diamond
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Full Heart Pouty - Red Matte

I am also willing to create a character design for you.
All I need are these details:

What I Need:

Name(If you have one):

Style: Classic
Name(If you have one): Don’t have one yet
Personality: Serious, blunt
Any other details: Hair is red

If you have any problems or want to change something about your outfit or character, feel free to change it to how you would like. I won’t judge and besides, it’s your character. Not mine. If you don’t like the outfit, feel free to tell me and to tell me how to fix it.

Pre-made Characters and Outfits


You can also email me at :smile:



Outfit Info

Style: Limelight
Name: Trevor
Gender: Male
Personality: Sarcastic, VERY outgoing, Jokester
Event: Causual Going Out
Other Details: He often wears sunglasses, as his eyesight is easily damaged

I also need a character

Style: Limelight
Name: Not Yet Chosen, however I was leaning towards Sinead
Personality: Bubbly, Good Sense Of Humor, More Introverted
Other Details: She Has Freckles

I’ll message you here when I’m finished :grin:

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So sorry, I also need your character details and I forgot to add that. I just want to recreate your character so you know what it would look like when I send you a picture.

Ok. Sure.

I will need the color of the brows, hair, and eyes in order to recreate your character Alex.

Style: Ink
Name(optional): Rose
Gender: Female
Personality: Sarcastic but outgoing
Event: Going out
Any other details: none
Body: Light
Brow: Medium Curved
Hair: Long Curly hair/fawn
Eyes: upturned feline/brown
Face: soft heart
Nose: soft natural
Lips: full round/ blush

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Brunette Black and any shade of hazel.

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Style: Badass combined with some girly colors
Name(optional): Valentina
Gender: Female
Personality: Funny, confident, smart…
Event: Casual
Any other details: Nope