CLOTHING: Different Trimester Pregnancy Belly for INK


I noticed that they have 2nd and 3rd Trimester shirts in Limelight but only large 3rd Trimester in INK.

Can we get 2nd trimester belly in INK as well please?

So they closed this thread because it already exists but Ryan commented 15days prior and said nothing. SMH


Yes please!


Support! The ones in Ink are too large lol.




Supportttttttt :heart_eyes:


Hi! The title of this thread currently doesn’t follow the guidelines for feature requests. Please review those guidelines and edit your post accordingly to ensure it isn’t closed or deleted! Thanks :v:t2:


Yes! Every belly in INK is a 3rd trimester huge belly. Can we get a little & a medium baby bump please!? Also, that would be great, because not everyone’s baby bump gets huge.




Not everyone has a baby bump when they get pregnant, either :expressionless:


Well yeah, there is that too, but usually in my story the person starts off normally, but I’d like to have at least a little baby bump when they start to show and then maybe a medium one. In neither of my pregnancies did I get very big so I’d really think it’d be cool if they had diverse baby bellies for diverse mommies to be.




Hi! This request actually already exists here. Feel free to add your input and support there :v:t2:

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