Clothing Disappearing?

Today (02/12/2019) I updated the app to the latest update, and suddenly when I’m reading stories characters aren’t loading in fully dressed. At first, I assumed the writer of the first story it occurred on hadn’t fully created an outfit, however, this was true for all of the stories I have opened up on the app. Random articles of clothing won’t appear, and the characters are always either naked or half-naked. I was not experiencing this before updating the app.

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Hello! This glitch tends to happen at times, even to me too. Sometimes, you need to close out of the story, and go back in the story you’re reading. And, sometimes, you need to refresh the whole app, and try again.

Hope this helped! Xoxo. <3

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I tried restarting the app and then my phone, nothing. At this point I’m thinking I might have to completely reinstall

Reinstalling might work, and if not, you can also submit a help ticket to the support team and ask them for assistance. :smiley:

I have the same problem all of the sudden all LL characters are top less !

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