CLOTHING: Dressing Gowns/House Coats/Bath Robes

Once again, I’m not sure if this is on the old forums but…

I think it would be cool to have dressing gowns (as I call them) / robes / house coats on episode for both Ink and Limelight (please correct me if they are on limelight, I haven’t used it yet.)
For example, I have a scene in my story in which the mc is in her pyjamas and is going to go downstairs, but she doesn’t want to be to ‘revealing’ (as in, she could be wearing shorts for her pyjamas) so she would put a dressing gown over herself.

Also, maybe slippers would be good?

Please tell me if you think this is a good idea!

Thanks xox


Support!! I like your idea

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More Gowns! Dresses and more!

Love to see Dresses like these!

Wedding Dresses


Like that idea. And maybe some underwear options for INK

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guys i feel like this post is being misinterpreted :'D

it’s talking about these things (bath robes)

Simplicity-Unisex-Plush-Fleece-Hooded-Robe-Kimono-Bathrobe-Sleepwear-Grey-2-204x490 s-l300


yes thats what i’m talking about haha

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Then maybe change the title :grimacing: I’m not native, but when I googled gowns, I didn’t get any coats.

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It won’t let me haha

did you google “gowns” or “dressing gowns” and “house coats”? because the first few image results for dressing gowns and house coats are like the pictures i posted.

granted, there are fewer bath robs under house coats, but they’re there. plenty for dressing gowns. so, you really just googled the wrong images :grimacing: “bath robes” definitely is more common, admittedly.


it won’t let me change the title or post aha

34%20PM did you click the little pencil here?

yep. it’s not even there. this was one of my first posts on these forums so i think thats why. the pencil is on all my other threads lmao.

oh, you’re on mobile! have you tried a computer instead? (lmao i was about to @ an admin)

no haha it’s not up on my computer too. my computer can’t take screenshots.