Clothing: Earrings for guys


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Btw I want earrings for guys in ink too, not just limelight.


Hi @milla20! Thanks for the suggestion! Please make sure to update your thread title to follow the feature request guidelines. Thanks!


I love that idea , It looks awesome in limelight and i think it would be amazing in INK too xx
Having tattoos for women as well i think would add more to some bad girl characters


Sorry about that. I’m still new to the forums and how things work.


No problem at all. If you ever have any questions or need an assist with the forums feel free to reach out to @Ryan or myself :smile:


bump ~


bump (I want more earrings!)


If the Episode team hasn’t already created male earrings for INK, they won’t get released. The Episode team is no longer making new INK assets, just releasing what they already have. :wink:


This might be flagged because Clothing isn’t capitalized, but I want MORE earrings. Ish.

Okay, don’t go too far.



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