CLOTHING : Egyptian Clothing (Limelight)


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I would love to see Egyptian Clothing & Jewelry.

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CLOTHING : Mummy (Limelight)
Mobile Stories?

Yes, please!




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I love clothing like that. It would be nice to finally see a dress up game or something that has it.

I support and I hope these pictures give the Episode art team some ideas!





Yes! That would be awesome! I think episode should have more different clothing from different culture etc instead of casual clothing. Casual clothing is important too, but we just have a lot of that already!


As an Egyptian i would really appreciate that.


I’ve wanted to write a story in Ancient Egypt since I joined Episode. So, I support this. :smile_cat:


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Lovely pictures.
The head pieces and jewelry would be amazing additions.
Can you imagine how incredibly AWESOME the stories are going to be if we had all this?

P.S. I hardcore fangirled when I saw the picture you posted of Avan Jogia :heart_eyes:


Yea. He is so cool that I had to. :heart_eyes: :rofl:


Yes!! Egyptian, and Greek clothing would be amazing


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I would love to have them as they were in the past and a bit of future clothing as well.


:heart_eyes: Great pictures!
I love the idea as well! I think a lot of people would appreciate it.


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I support it.