Clothing, face features and hairstyles (limelight)

This is my first time to write here and I hope we can upload our own design of clothes because some of the styles are not there or available. Also I hope they add some face feautures and hairstyles in Limelight because currently, I’m creating my first story here and I want to make my main character to look like a korean or anime hahahaha (sorry I’m k-pop fan hahahaha) but I’m hoping when they update this, they also update some features (sorry for my english). Please like and support if you are agree. Thank you!


Yes I totally agre and yes K-pop is legendary. I love BLACKPINK, BTS, EXO, TWICE, ETC. I ALSO LOVE ANIME. HAHAHA IS THIS JUST ME???

Well, that could take a while since that means they would need to create custom animations for each article of clothing. There are other animation styles than Limelight that may help with making the character Korean. As for anime, there is already a thread for that idea.

@Liv4Dayz18 I also love BTS, EXO, Girl’s Day, and anime as well. You’re not the only one.

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