CLOTHING: Facial Hair

Similar to tattoos, scars, freckles, and the like, I think it’d be easier for additional facial hair options like larger beards and spruce moustaches to be added via clothing, rather than in a new tab in the character creation page. Bonus, you could even have them in female clothing for when girls wear fake moustaches or beards for whatever reason. This way the current facial hair options that are attached to facial shapes can also remain as a base.


You do know that males already have stubble and beards already as a face shape, right?

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As mentioned, those can remain as a base. But there aren’t large beards or moustaches available. At all. Simply stubble


We already can’t have piercings, facial scars, and freckles together on a character now you want to add facial hair to the list of things that don’t layer together. Plus that is a ton more coding and outfits that have to be created to give characters facial hair with each outfit.


It would be a separate layer. You can’t have the other things together because they currently exist on the same layer. Larger facial hair wouldn’t be on a skin layer, it would actually be on an upper layer of clothing, but beneath forearm layers for the body and clothing so arms and hands can still cross over them. It’s actually incredibly possible, and, since it would exist as clothing, the code would be easier to write than if it were an additional tab in the character creation page.


You know what I’m not gonna fight you on this. You do you and if you get Episode to implement this then good for you.

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Very curious about your attitude tbh. It was just a suggestion. There are hundred of good ones and hundreds of bad ones on this forum, but they exist to show what people want and to share ideas. What you’ve just done wasn’t constructive, and it’s really poor. I hope you don’t to this to others. And I really do hope we get some good handlebar moustaches in the game, for men AND women to be able to put on, for fun or for real. I hope whatever’s going on in your life that’s causing such hurtfulness changes.


I have to agree with @Zhasmin
There aren’t layers in clothing, or the layers don’t match up well, like pants going over boots instead of under, jackets don’t fit over most tops well, hats don’t hide hair, etc.
we already don’t have piercings, freckles, and tattoos as part of the character creation or in layers, adding facial hair to the clothing tab would mess the whole thing up. If you want the reader to choose which feature they want, you have to create an outfit for every single option, adding facial hair to clothing would mean even more outfits being created, and very time consuming for the author as it stands, if Episode would fix the layering issue it would be huge

We should have more facial hair options, that I absolutely agree with

As far as having it for females, I think that’s a great idea, I do see where you’re coming from on that stand point where it should be a clothing option, however, if the larger beards and mustaches stayed in the clothing and not the character creation that makes it hard for authors.

Perhaps it should be in both, in character creation for the males, and clothing for females,



I don’t get why every is having a huffy puffy about it. Episode just needs to fix the layering of stuff



Totally support we need way more options for facial hair and love the idea of having it as clothing so it could be worn as a disguise! There’s plenty of layering issues, obv, BUT if it could be solved, love this idea! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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