CLOTHING: Fantasy Dresses for Limelight


Different mermaid Tails

Clothing: fantasy costumes
Requests! Add some of your own! (C, INK, LL)
Please release more medieval/fantasy-type clothing for LL!

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Beautiful. We need these in LL and INK.






Check this out Everyone :

Support or not?


What is this thread about? Please specify so we can support.




Its about more Fantasy clothes for limelight.




You have my support! :grinning:




100 times support




Bump ^^




I’d be up for more fantasy type clothing in limelight considering I’m planing a story with Dungeons and Dragons like elements.


these would all fit perfect with my story!!!


Ink needs these as well. I’m a girl who loves poofy, frilly, princess dresses. LL lacks in any regal type clothing. WE NEED POOFY DRESSES!!!


most of that clothes design is own by people(actualy i have seen one that i own on the list)

i would love more disigns but the one you have posted can not be used that would be stealing