CLOTHING: Fantasy for INK!


Ikr? So frustrating.


Support :smiley:


Stunning idea! I support! I love fantasy and romance❤


And limelight too! I would love to see Episode releasing gowns, armors, and swords (and Animation draw wand or sword) in the art catalogue, along with other cool fantasy backgrounds


but ink can use limelight clothes too right


Unfortunately, not :frowning:


oh idk i just thought so cause everyone says that we do have limelight clothing for ink as well but not for classic


Unfortunately no. I wish that were the case!


Definitely support!




that sucks…thanks for clarifying though


It would be so helpful to get fantasy clothing for Ink too as they released already for LL, I don’t really use Limelight but it’s great that they still put it in there! :smiley:


Yes Yes Yes Yes YES!


Support and a BUMP cuz YES. Unfair that Ink got the short end of the stick in fantasy clothes.


I agree.


SUPPORT! And add more fantasy clothing like they did in LL.




SUPPORT! I’d love to see more wings for males. Sword and wand props would be amazing to see also!

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