CLOTHING: "Fat" Suit


Yes, this might seem like a strange suggestion, and, yes, I know the wording makes it sound bad, but I’m going to suggest it anyway.

As you know, there’s only one basic body type for each Episode character (as of this post). As such, there’s only one clothing size to match that one body type.
I’ve thought about it for awhile, and I’d like to see a new suit that is larger than most of the regular clothing in ANY art style.


Support! Not only would it help bring much-needed diversity to the platform, but it would be great for when a character needs a disguise to go undercover.




Lol okay I support


Support. I know there’s been a lot of community support for diversity in body types, so I think adding clothes that fit a certain type (like the aforementioned fat suit) could help achieve this.


Yes, i DEFINETLY agree with this, full support!






I agree.








Support and bump