CLOTHING: Featured outfits INK

When we read featured stories, we often get the option to have a better outfit for a price of gems. These outfits are often really good, and we would like to be able to use them in the portal. I recently read an old INK featured story, and the gem outfits are ones that still aren’t on the portal. I would like these amazing outfits to be available for everyones use. Some of them are mind-blowing and being able to use them in your story would truly be amazing.


I already suggested that here. Please do not crate same suggestion threads.


Sorry! I must have not seen your thread. Ideas aren’t copyrighted ya know

Closing thread as there is already another thread with this request here@Hedvig_episode please make sure to search and skim the Feature + Art Suggestions forum before creating new topics/threads. As creating duplicates is against the Feature Request Guidelines. Thanks!