CLOTHING: Feminine outfits for maleswa


So, here’s what’s happening. I like writing male characters, I’m sure a lot of people do as well, and as a frequent male character writer, I like to dabble in different personalities and cultures. Another thing you need to know about me, I like writing feminine characters, especially when said characters are male. It’s just the aspect of writing them which makes it so fun. However, I’ve come across a problem while writing some feminine characters, they are no feminine male outfits. I have seen the occasional tied back shirt/jumper or something along those lines, but have never seen a proper feminine male piece of clothing. So here’s my suggestion, EPISODE comes out with some of the fore-mentioned clothing. Things like, looser clothing to make male appear smaller, ‘queer clothing’ or ‘dramatic clothing’ for men. Basically, clothing to better portray dramatic, gay/queer and just flashy characters in general.
I mean, if you have a drama queen character, you need an outfit that screams ‘LoL drama queen alert!’.

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Completely agree! If episode allows male characters to wear the lipstick options, they should allow more feminine clothing too.


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Alright! I completely agree with you. but there is actually a solution to this. I discovered it accidentally. You can actually make male characters wear female’s clothes! For example: You make an outfit for females called FEMALE_OUTFIT. Then you go to the script and do this: @MALE changes into FEMALE_OUTFIT
Is is glitchy, but hey! They’re still wearing the outfit!


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