CLOTHING: Figure Skates, Hockey Skates, and Skating Gear (Also skating related animations)

There are already roller skates and the animations that come with them but what about figure and hockey skates?
I suggest episode adds figure skates, hockey skates, and other skating gear; helmets, gloves, sticks, jerseys, etc.
And also skating related animations. Even ice sport animations like with hockey passing and shooting.

(All the above images were created by me, so owned by me.)
:ice_hockey: Please make ice sports an Episode thing! :ice_skate:
If you like this idea please support!


Support but might be duplicate thread


I don’t think it is, cause the other skates ones didn’t include hockey skates.
But thanks anyways! :grin:


Oh okay! Good thing you research it before you created it


Bruh I play hockey- we need the whole pack
The gear, the skates, the animations

also I made a thread like this one but I don’t think it had the same things…

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