CLOTHING: Filtering masks!


This is a continuation of another thread of mine on suggestions for representing disabled characters, which you can read here! Please support that one as well!!

Filtering masks! These puppies help people with compromised immune systems or other chronic illnesses stay safe from all the germs they encounter in day-to-day life. During cold and flu season especially, you might not think twice about what you’re breathing in. But to someone with a chronic illness, a simple case of a cold could mean a trip to the hospital. Best part is, these masks don’t have to be boring! Many people choose to use masks made of fabric in tons of cute patterns! These would be easy to implement, as I’m pretty sure they already have a bandana item in the game? Multiple colors/patterns would be excellent too. They look like this!

(image source)

Thank you for reading, please drop a like and maybe comment your support! If you have more suggestions for features for people with disabilities that could be considered clothing, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment here! Otherwise, if you think your idea is better suited to being a prop, see the thread I linked at the top of the post. :sparkling_heart:












Support this 100%! I have a friend and a nephew that uses these.