One thing I’ve always wanted in Ink… More sneakers (I don’t want my girls wearing heels ALL the time) And FLIP FLOPS omg I wear flip flops all the time, or at least open toed shoes. I really would love these featured to be added to ink. Also, more bathing suit options? I feel like there’s only a few bathing suit options, and if I have a character and their friends at a party, one of them will probably have the same swimsuit as another.

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Limelight female sport shoes?
New limelight clothes?
Hey! I tought we should make a list of features we would like to see in episode!
CLOTHING: Flat Shoes/Sneakers for Female Limelight
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I agree, and Limelight needs some too! I would love for at least some flat pumps in LL as well, since it’s limited to heels and boots.




Support!! There’s already some sneakers though but I would like some more :blush:




OMG i thought the same too :joy::joy:


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I agree that there should be more sneakers, flip flops, open toed shoes, and bathing suit options added to Ink and Limelight.



Support! Where I’m from people wear flip flops all the time so this will be great!


I agree! Anything besides boots or heels would be great.


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We have some sneakers now, and fantasy Flip Flops, I guess that means BUMP


I guess this needs a bump? I think we still needs some FLIPPIDY FLOPS


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