Clothing Gains and resetting story/help meee

I have a clothing gain that I’ve written and it is all correct and saved. In the next chapter I want the character to automatically change into that outfit. There are four(4) choices. I used if, elif, elif, else. It is saved and correct. I know that you have to reset story progress, but do you have to play from the very beginning of the first episode to see the correct gain or from just the beginning of the chapter the gain is in or from the beginning of the gain choice within the chapter? I keep getting mostly the ‘else’ option when I try playing it. Also is it different testing out gains on the computer and on mobile. I’ve tried both. But maybe I’m not starting at the right point when replaying or resetting story. So far I’ve only reset story progress on mobile. Can you do it from the computer too? And if I checked on the computer and the gain/if works, would I be sure it works exactly the same on the mobile too?
Thank you so much!!

Can anyone help me please? I’m sure its a quick answer, but it is my first time using gains and ive read all the forums and can’t find a clear answer.
Thanks again!

If you’re testing your story in the app, you need to play through the chapter with the choice that has the gains and choose an outfit so you can gain that gain. Then play through the next chapter so you can test out the if/elif/else part. Of course, remember to reset story progress to test out the other options.

If you’re testing your story on the computer, the web previewer doesn’t remember gains/choices from previous chapters. What you can do is click on Navigation then click on “Enable Picker”. This tool comes in handy so you can test out if/elif/else statements. So any time you play through your script and it gets to the if/elif/ese, a “choice” will pop up with the option to play through whichever branch you want to test/play through.

But of course it all comes down to if you wrote the if/elif/else correctly. You may not get any errors when you click on save, but if the if/elif/else is not formatted correctly then it will not work when you test your story.

Hi thank you for replying! I’ve enabled the picker. And when it got to my if elif else, a box popped up that says “PICKER: decide which case to follow”

But no other boxes to click or instructions. What do I do from there?

Not really sure it’s not showing the boxes. Try testing your story using the app.

I was actually able to do it from my phone. (Turning enable picker on) and it works! It wouldn’t work on my laptop for some reason. Didn’t give me any paths to choose. And it would freeze up. Think there might be a bug there. But thankfully it worked on my phone!

Thanks a lot!