CLOTHING: Gem Outfits


Hi, readers!

There was something pestering me about gem outfits, like when you read a story and unlock or buy an outfit with a choice or many gems.

As readers, we often ask this question: Why can’t we have the gem outfits, that we bought, inside our portals? Wouldn’t it be more amazing, and more worth it to buy gems if we can have the gem outfit in the portals? I mean, think about it… A 35 gem dress, and I can’t use it in my portal?

Episode crew and fans, I think it’s a wonderful idea to start doing that. I say this because all of the people who wanted this idea to come to light will be the first to purchase MORE gems so they can collect as many outfits or props as they can. That’s more profit and more fun for Episode in general.

So, I am only asking the Episode team to at least consider this idea. As a reader and a future author, I would love to be able to literally buy outfits with gems and have them in my closet (Writer’s Portal). That would be so cool! :heart_eyes:

Simplified version: May we please buy featured outfits with gems to have in our portals?
For example, a store full of featured clothing that we could buy with gems, like the ones for gems and tickets. Or, create a choice option only the Episode crew can script that sends the featured outfit to the reader’s portal after they selected it. Pretty pleeeeaaassseee? :confounded:

These choices drive me crazy

SUPPORT!!! It would be asmazing


Or you could pay every month like 5.99 $ to make clothes, hair, and add gem choices!!


Depending on what outfit, I think this would work out! I mean, let’s be honest episode never really uses the gem outfits again, now do they? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a gem choice used more than once. And I mean throughout all of the episode stories…






or they can just release them cause this girl has like 2 gems


ikr. I got 0 gems


Ugh! Ikr? If only it was that easy. I figured if both of us could get something out of the gems than just choices, we could finally used the feature clothes as long as it’s not too much.




I support this! :smile:

Feature + Art Suggestions + Animations Index!

Yes totally agree! Support!!!


I don’t support this, what about the people that don’t want to spend money on episode, we can’t have to pay for outfits and hairstyles in the portal.


That’s why you wouldn’t be paying with money, you would use the gems. Whenever someone does pay money for a gem package that Episode already have, whenever they do feel like they want to or when they can, they can use the gems from their gem package to save them money. That way they can create their own games with the gem clothes. Cause I am not paying for gem clothes with real money, that would be ridiculous. We already have to pay real money for gem packages and ticket packages.


Those 35 gem choices could be transferred to our writer’s portal. We spent gems on them, we should be able to use them, because episode don’t use them more than once. That is what this is post is about. :slight_smile:


I definitely support this!!! :muscle::muscle:t3::muscle:t5::muscle:t6:




When I read the featured story first time in my life, I spent my gems on dress choice actually because I thought this will stay in my inventory for ever! :woman_facepalming:t4: And then lately when I registered as a writer, I was so disappointed not seeing those dresses I bought! :woman_facepalming:t4:


Exactly. I could never figure out why we couldn’t use them until later on. Only the Episode team can use them and the sad part is, they only use them once. Learning why was upsetting.


I love the idea, but I doubt that they’d add it :confused: