CLOTHING: Gem Outfits




…You can already make gem choices. Everyone can. For free;
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They posted that nearly 3 months ago, when gem choices were not available to all writers for free.

Anyways, support!


Support! :slight_smile:






Lol this isn’t about gem choices. It’s about being able to buy the gem outfits using the gems packages, which we pay real money for, so we can have the outfits in our own writer’s portal. Sadly, only Writer’s Payment authors and the Episode Team use them.


Ah. Ok.


Honestly that’s what I love about the Kim Kadashian game. You get to buy stuff and money kind of comes from everywhere. The stuff you purchase actually can pick what ever.


wait, this is cool! it’s almost like collectible trading cards you can’t trade lmao


O.M.G. This is amazing! 100% SUPPORT!!!:grinning::hearts:






When I only joined Episode, I asked myself so many times: Where are the clothes I bought with gems! :sob:




Just another bump