CLOTHING: glasses for limelight


Hey, I know this has been created but it didn’t get much attention so I thought i’d try to get support.

The glasses we have don’t look the best. in ink, the guys who wore glasses looked hot/cute like Ryder Law (My Psycho), Christopher Shaw (The Shaw Brothers) and Nick Ryan (Adrenaline)

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I need support on this and i know these people always have my back lol




SUPPORT 100% :sunglasses:


Good idea! Support! :stuck_out_tongue:


@meadowh, @Artistofepi, @Chesirekitten101 you guys! Have my back and support this as well.


@Adam.Epy @sofia2 y’all are my faves :heart::heart:


:smile: :blush: :sunny: thanksss!



Duplicate request closed. Refer to original to show your support! :smiley: