Can we please have more options for glasses in the Limelight style?

CLOTHING: glasses for limelight
FEATURE: Episode should release more glasses!
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CLOTHING: Limelight Glasses

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support! the glasses we have don’t look good. the glasses in ink make the guys look so hot eg: Ryder Law & Christopher Shaw

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And support


support, most of the glasses make the characters just look ridiculous there’s only one set of glasses I like for limelight and they’re not even for both male and female :joy:

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I support! I wear glasses and I’d love to see frames more like mine, since all the ones we got now looked weird and too thick? Which, some people have, but I liked the glasses in INK like the wayfer or whatever it was and the hipster glasses. The hipster glasses are pretty much the same shape as mine, but I liked the reflectiveness in the other kind I mentioned.

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Support! The glasses in ink make the characters (especially the guys) look really cute/hot like someone else mentioned. I wish they would add this in Limelight too as I think it would be adorable.