CLOTHING: Graduation (Limelight)


Am currently typing up a high school graduation scene and was disappointed to find there are no caps and gowns for Limelight. I am not new to the community but new to the story writing aspect of Episode and I would love to see this feature added! Also, many others have mentioned this, but would love to just be able to use Ink clothes in limelight and vice versa. Would make my life so much easier!

Thanks for everything!

CLOTHING: Graduation male/female outfit (Limelight)
CLOTHING : Graduation Caps and Robes for Limelight
CAP and GOWN for graduation
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Support! I really missed them writing my story!


Yesss, I totally support!


I support all the way!!!


I’d like my characters to wear these when they graduate at the end of the story.:heart_eyes: I think these graduation Caps and Robes are much needed in most stories too. It could be of multiple colours (depends on the school uniform colours that are in the catalog). Hope a lot of creators agree to this! :pray:t3::grin::ok_hand:t3:



Hell yeah! I am totally for this!




The Ink version has a Graduation Gown and Cab !

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SUPPORT!! If you want this outfit in Limelight!