CLOTHING: Hawaiian


I think it would be great to see some Aloha shirts (Hawaiian shirts) added to the catalog! They would fit in great with the island themed story I am working on :grinning:


Yeah, I am a quarter Hawaiian and stuff like the muumuu and the kapa would be amazing!
Because everything isn’t just coconut bras and a grass skirts. :roll_eyes:

  1. Haku and Headbands!

  2. Leis! They are pure beauty!

  3. Pa’u Skirt! I love them as they are just ugh SO PRETTY.


Yes! All Hawaiian cultured clothing would be lovely.


:grinning: Glad to see someone who agrees!


Some Hawaiian clothes would be nice! Some traditional ones especially!


This would be great! I agree and support this! :slight_smile:


Check if this is something you like and give it your support :heart:


Cool idea! I was born in Fiji (yes, yes, the place with the overpriced water) and it would be great to see things like sulu wraps, which look like this (only pic i could find that was actually taken in fiji, the best dress is the one that the fourth lady from the left is wearing):


wow these are gorgeous! the prints and colors are exactly what i had in mind. I especially love the design on both the black and yellow dresses