CLOTHING: Hearing Aid - Disabilities


CLOTHING: Hearing Aid. Designed like an earring, just hearing aid-shaped.

In the push for diversity, I feel like people with disabilities or otherwise just unhealthy bodies have kind of been overlooked. Letting stories represent people with disabilities is long overdue, honestly. Especially since the current contest has an image of a superhero in a wheelchair, but creating that kind of character just isn’t an option.

(You’ll be seeing a lot of these threads, as I have a list of suggestions. Please like each of them so we’re more likely to get this representation!)

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OVERLAY: Wheelchair - Disabilities
CLOTHING: A nasal cannula - Disabilities
CLOTHING: Oxygen Tank - Disabilities
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This is a good one! Episode loves ADVERTISING diversity…but they barely want to contribute to it.


I support that!! I’m deaf!!


I completely support this.


Yes. I definitely agree to this! FULL SUPPORT!!


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This would be so easy and simple. Support!


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