CLOTHING: Hidden Outfits From Featured Stories

Ahh I remember that outfit seen it in other stories :eyes::eyes:

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oh well I want that leather jacket they have since 2017 it is beautifull . the on in the OP profile pic


Now that is the TEA :coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee: I’m dying for the jacket man

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Support :100: I support this!

Hmm, shouldn’t there be a separate discussion on using hidden outfits in the Episode Fan community, not in the Arts + Animation category :thinking:

Sydney_H mentioned on my thread FEATURE: Helping Authors with a Disability:

“Please do not post comments that aren’t support for the request. This misrepresents the number of people who support a request, and will be flagged and hidden for being off-topic.”

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Omg Totally agree we def need more LL fits :grinning:

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Reminder (as @JemU776 said):

Request threads are only for showing support for a request, regardless of its nature. If there is an issue that needs to be discussed, either go to the appropriate thread (if there isn’t one, it’s perfectly fine to create one), or do it over private message (if it involves only a few forum members). Any posts that are not in support of the request will be flagged and hidden, and those who violate the Forum General Rules will be subject to disciplinary action.

Please don’t use request topics for debates. It only makes a bigger mess for everyone involved. As always, come to me if you have any questions, and I will do my best to help. Thanks :slight_smile:


Yes we will try to stay in topic cause this is all about outfits :crazy_face:


I’m sorry Sydney.

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We need this outfit ASAP


We need this too hidden since 2017


Hi! If you would like to talk more about Episode’s hidden outfits you can always PM me just in-case we get flagged again. Sorry if this seems weird to just randomly say but we’ve had great conversations and I think you’re really cool!

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New dress in Bad Boy Roommate sadly was a gem Choice… ofc


And this:

There are two hairs, one outfit, and one skirt in this image alone that have no been released. :woman_facepalming:


That dress is so cute!!

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Omg that green dress though :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Omg I remember that blue outfit in Instant Princess and we have Jaydas hair but not the stuff in her hair I forgot the name of it and omg that skirt I saw in Love Life too jeez… they really are reusing everything and we don’t have it still…

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We’re also missing a lot of these outfits since The Kiss List…



I remember when the pull piece bathing suit with the “v” neckline was hidden.

The amount of jackets alone they have hidden I think they have 5 other styles we don’t have while we only have 3 leather jacket styles…

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