CLOTHING: Hidden Outfits From Featured Stories

That dress is so cute!!

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Omg that green dress though :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Omg I remember that blue outfit in Instant Princess and we have Jaydas hair but not the stuff in her hair I forgot the name of it and omg that skirt I saw in Love Life too jeez… they really are reusing everything and we don’t have it still…

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We’re also missing a lot of these outfits since The Kiss List…



I remember when the pull piece bathing suit with the “v” neckline was hidden.

The amount of jackets alone they have hidden I think they have 5 other styles we don’t have while we only have 3 leather jacket styles…

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Oh yeah i saw that in My First Everything

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I wish they would bring the thing back where if you bought an outfit with gem choices it would go to your closet. Make the money worth it a little.


Are you serious THEY HAD THAT FEATURE?!!! For featured story outfits

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Yup! They removed it in an update.

Jeez that’s crazy… I don’t understand that logic. At all we really need a big update of hidden clothes because most of the ones we have since LL came out… we need updated stuff because it makes zero sense why we don’t it’s 2019…

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It just makes no sense… I can’t look at the portal outfits without wanting to cry because the featured stories have so much better stuff :sob::sob:

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If an outfit is free in a story we should have it…


More hidden things in bloodlust that we need


Another color of the ombré dress seen in Alittle More Me as well as another color of shoes seen in College ish


This is unfair!

I want that multicolor dress from love life!!

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That dress was in Love Life first omg

What did it look like? I forgot.