Clothing I'd like to see on Episode!


I don’t know about you guys but there are some clothing options that I would like to see on Episode, they include:

  1. More cultural outfits to not only fit different religions but different countries and their weather and cultures too.
  2. More long ballgown type dresses, ones for royalty and such (particularly on Limelight)
  3. More fantasy options i.e. vampire/werewolf
  4. More adventure type outfits to fit with stories set in extreme situations e.g. hikers/snowboarders/spies and people on long journeys
  5. More jackets on Limelight for boys (ones that other shirts can be put under)

If there are any things that you guys feel should be added then please add them to this topic :slight_smile:


Agree! They should also add more hats! :tophat: :womans_hat:

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