CLOTHING: Indian weddings


We have only 2 sarees regarding the Indian culture . It would be nice to have bridal wear for men and women.
(Both south and north Indian cultures)


Please like and support !

Mobile Stories?

Would you like some Pakistani dresses


Yeah. Indian culture includes Muslim brides as well. I do like them alot :innocent:


YES PLEASE! :heart_eyes:

And longer tops, that could be used like kurtis.
& more full sleeved outfits, to go with the head scarves for the ladies (if some one customizes the MC to have a head scarf).

Could we also get shawls?
Like pretty, patterned ones?



or any kinds of nose piercings, tbh.

Also, like how the male characters have the Lady Rose Tattoo (Cade), could we maybe get a henna tattoo as well?


Great additional ideas! You should create some threads/topics requesting them in this section. That way the Episode team actually get’s to see your suggestions. :ok_hand:


Support! I think more diversity is necessary!


Henna designs would also be amazing :))


Feel free to create a thread with this suggestion. It’s a good idea and nothing should be ignored :slight_smile:


I believe there’s already a thread.


If it is the same thread that I am thinking of, it was closed for breaking forum guidelines. You can always perform a search to see. Thanks for the heads up! :peace_symbol:


Yeah great idea I SUPPORT


I totally love your ideas. You should create separate threads regarding them. Tysm for the support :love_you_gesture:


Yes. We do need some Indian/Pakistani wedding/casual dresses and some backgrounds as well.


Backgrounds is also a nice idea. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the support.!


And henna tats as well!! Support!!!









Tysm :grin::grin: