CLOTHING: Ink clothing for Limelight

Exactly my point. All of the new Ink clothing should be updated to Limelight.


I would love more chic and street style clothing in limelight! Such as oversized coats and tie-up pants.


Support, I would love it if they just altered ALL the clothes (Ink, Limelight and Classic) and made them available for every style.


I think that some of the clothes in Ink look really good in Limelight such as the adorable rompersI really wish that the episode team consider putting some Ink clothing in Limelight! Thank you! :laughing::laughing:


I totally agree with you Limelight need new dresses and gowns like INK

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I agree with this too. Limelight, has just been updated with sneakers and I’m taking full advantage of that lol. Flannel shirts (ones that tie around the waist and ones that you would wear normally), tops and jackets that aren’t cropped, overalls (shorts, skirt and long) beanies and caps would also be a great addition to the limelight wardrobe! :blush:


What has even happened to the Ink outfit called Pageant Dress? It’s available on mobile and used on stories such as Bad Romance by Beth, but it’s virtually nonexistent on computer. It’s available in classic I think. I don’t really know how I would use it as an overlay. It was a beautiful dress, does anyone know what happened to it or if there’s some way to request for it to be created in limelight?

The desire to have an expressive personality? All you need is to look attractive by wearing trendy clothes along with the accessories. You can make yourself a charming personality by trying a tumbler clothing that are getting trendy these days. Teen girls can wear crop tops as well as off shoulder tops that are styling in this year. They can also dress in like Vaporwave hoodies, t-shirts and sweatshirts are the other options for giving out a stylish identity.

I like limelight clothes much more.
I think every ink story has the sameee outfits.I get excited when I see story with fun and different outfits.(for Ink)

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if you want any outfits ideas you can visit my shop and i would be happy to help
Emilia’s outfits shop for limelight and ink


I think Episode should let us use both of the styles clothes. I mean, how cool would be to use Ink clothes on Limelight or Limelight clothes on Ink?

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Yeah, they should transfer everything from ink and make it compatible for limelight.


I wish we got a lot of the Ink clothes to Limelight. Ink has so many great outfits/clothes that honestly, I would love to have for Limelight!

Exactly! Finally someone who agrees , all the ink clothes are horrible. But the Limelight and classic clothes are stunning they even have fancy dresses. But for ink they barely have any clothes , and all of the clothes are old.

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I agree as well. A lot of the Ink clothing looks perfect for Limelight and fits the aesthetic of the style. You can find a really unique pieces also by trying aesthetic tumblr clothes

They seem to be getting extra popularity now:)


I’d made a thread yesterday wishing for Episode to convert clothes in INK and Classic to LL, didn’t know that there already were threads about it (mines been closed for being a duplicate). I throw my fullk support behind this!

Support :zap: