CLOTHING: ink outfits update?


ok so ive seen lots of limelight outfits comeout, which is great and i apperciate the work you guys put into the outfits, but at the same time there arent lots of limelight storys compared too new ink storys coming out, but every time im watching featured ink stories, the outfits are always super cute and always perfect, but i just thought what about releasing some of those… cause they were super cute!


I would love to see backpacks being added for both female and male characters on both limelight and Ink. I am currently working on Apocalypse focused content and backpacks would go perfect with the story! I am 100% for that! :hearts::hearts::hearts:



I’m down for that! :tipping_hand_woman:t4:


I wish we had more clothes on Ink. It would be so much better!


Vote for this feature here!:


ink unfortunately got discontinued. :slight_smile:




it just did idk when


I hope they’ll release some new clothes for ink soon …