Clothing issues

Episode clothing is still lacking, and here’s why…

Disclaimer, I think the art team that does Episode’s clothing are very talented and do GREAT at their job. These are only things I think should be addressed and implicated. I don’t mean to offend anybody or trash talk the Episode staff. They’re doing great.

This addresses the Limelight clothing options,

I could give you a long list of explanations but rather; here’s a compiled list’s of clothing I think Episode should provide,

  • Jackets/Hoodies/Cardigans

These are just the basics. I’m sick and tired of only having the option of jackets that are way too EXTRA. The only jackets we are provided have weird sleeves and are just too much. I would love having simple/neutral options. I really enjoyed the style of the life guard jacket. If they used the same design and just add different colors than that would work.
Cardigans would be nice too. In real life sitautions this article of clothing can be an awesome addition to clothing. It’s probably one of the most simple articles of clothing out there. It confuses me that Episode hasn’t provided these yet.
The hoodies that are provided are only for the males and the sleeves look weird to me. I would love just a simple hood, baggy and all; that hangs on the figure. (for both male and female)

  • Dresses/skirts

I have noticed that episode has started to address this issue as they came out with even more skirts and like two long length dresses. And by dresses, I mean LONG length dresses. Episode has enough short dresses. We have a fairytale dress and one option of a wedding dress. I love how they did it for INK because you were given a few options of skirts and tops that you could switch and match. Longer skirts and Dresses would be appreciated. It’s harder for Fantasy/historical writers to create realistic characters when they don’t even have the right clothing.

  • Cultural Clothing

I would love more clothing options that correspond with different cultures. Again, INK did better with this one. More cultural footwear, headwear, and body wear is needed. Hanbok’s, african print, and Qipao dresses are examples.

Those are only some of requests I have. There’s much more. I’m barely touching on the cultural aspect because it’s so vast and there’s SO MUCH to address. Which is why I don’t expect Episode to address all of it. It would just be nice to have a FEW cultural options. in fact, I think we only have one or two cultural outfits for LL.

Respond down below some of the things you think should be addressed/added in the near future!

If we’re vocal about it then perhaps Episode will see and take our idea’s into consideration.


Amen sister!

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Support this. We definitely need more cultural clothing :confused: