CLOTHING: Jumpsuits/Rompers for Limelight/Ink


Jumpsuits and Rompers are trendy, cute, and work for many different outfits/occasions. Please consider releasing some! :slight_smile:

CLOTHING: Jumpsuit for LL

Support!! I LOVE jumpsuits! :heart:


Support!! I’ve been wanting jumpsuits and rompers for so long!


I 100% support!


:ok_hand: :100:% support!




Jumpsuits for life :two_hearts:



Rey x



This is my character’s pjs which are kind of like a romper, but idk.


ooh, that is cool!


yEs they had a couple rompers in Classic style.

But it feels like now they’ve just been forgotten. Rompers are so cute, but underrated :((


I want this!


Guys they just added rompers to INK!


Does anyone else think that Ink is 10 times trendier than LL? :joy:


Here’s the link to the names of them all for INK:

Yay!! :tada:


Wow, guys! This means soon we’ll have them in LL and everything is going to be great.


The new rompers look more like short dresses aHH.


like if someone just breathed in her general direction, everyone would get a free show? :joy:


Pfft if a wind going at .0001mph blew at her, everyone would get a free show.


This suggestion is actually already covered here! Feel free to support there :slight_smile: Cheers!