Clothing: Just A Couple Things ^^;

So it’s just a couple things you can probably put at the bottom of the list of things that people are already requesting, but I sort of wanted to add my own things that I want and somewhat need. This is specifically for Limelight since I’m gonna be using it more.

  • Hoodies
    Yeah I need hoodies. Not like cropped hoodies (I personally hate cropped hoodies/jackets cause it takes away the purpose of a hoodie/jacket which is to keep your top area warm), like a full hoodie, open zipper hoodies, some that reaches to the thighs and maybe, not really important in general but maybe important to a certain character of mine… Maybe an oversize hoodie? Like a hoodie that’s WAY too big for the girl wearing it. Not like humongous like a dress, but still something oversize, like really long sleeves and baggy.
  • Dresses
    There are a couple things with this. I sort of wanted a lot of things with dresses so I’ll just say the major ones since I don’t think you can take stuff off the internet that are more cosplay based… Short sleeved/sleeveless dresses that reach to the floor that DON’T show off the girl’s bust that much. And poofy dresses. As much as I hate poofy dresses with a passion, I need these. Not like Victorian poof, I mean POOFY. Like your average princess dress you’d dream about when you’re like 5 years old reading a fariytale, that kind of poofy. And finally, ink dresses in Limelight style. I’m just in love with the ink dresses and designs and maybe I just need to wait and I will… I’ll just need to disappear for about a year before returning like last time when I disappeared and came back to find Ink, disappeared again and came back to find Limelight.
  • Sneakers
    Yeah yeah, I should wait, but there’s only 3 sneakers and I cry. I need more sneakers in my life! Like not just your generic converse looking like sneakers (Though I’d love more of those), but more sporty shoes, like running shoes.
  • Hunter/Dark Green and Mauve
    I type in Mauve, 4 results only. I really like that color as well (Even though people see it as a dirty looking purple). Also, my character needs to wear just a generic dark green shirt (Cause I can’t expect you guys to put a custom design on it). All I have is a V cut out, pregnant shirts, a sari top, and cold shoulder key hole crop. I guess I shouldn’t complain since other colors like yellow and orange seem to have less love in the tops category.
  • Cats (And Dogs, I guess)
    Yeah, um, this is a bit personal. I love cat clothing. Heck, I have cat pants. So, um, you don’t need to, but can we have animal themed clothing? Like cat shirts, puppy paw pants, maybe, just maybe cat headphones? Just a small suggestion.
  • Galaxy
    This is for another character. I loved the galaxy pants in Ink. But now I want to see more galaxy stuff on Limelight, like a galaxy dress, galaxy top. That sort of stuff.

Now that I think about it, this list is a lot longer than I anticipated… Specially when a lot of things are being added, processed, and fixed on Episode. :sweat_smile: But yeah, just some suggestions.


Thx :heart:

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Hi @Fenix and thanks for contributing your requests. Please make any needed edit’s to this topic so it doesn’t get closed or hidden due to not following the feature request guidelines. Thanks!

I’ve been needing some of these forever

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