CLOTHING: Korean Hanboks


I’m planning to write a episode story set in the Joseon Dynasty of Korea but there isn’t hanboks or any other traditional korean clothing for both women and men that I could use. So can we please have hanboks in different colours and designs!






Mobile Stories?

Yes! Not only are hanboks beautiful, but Korean culture has become very popular in the Western world lately and I’m sure they’d be popular. It would definitely help open diversity options!


Can’t agree with you more.
I’m not Korean, but Korean culture has been popular in USA, so this is a pretty good idea.


YES!! Support!!


I definitely think they should add more Asian clothing options in INK and LIMELIGHT as there is simply not enough. It would help make episode more diverse.

(By Asian I mean all of ASIA - all countries including India - Thailand etc.)


I know this isn’t super related to the topic but what’s the title of your story? I’m half korean and most of the asians on episode are japanese girls who have names like kim ching or whatever and it’s nice getting some representation.


Yes! These clothes look awesome!






there is something similar in the clothes section, but its more Chinese


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I support!
I’ve noticed that Episode hasn’t done well with addressing Asian culture. The only ones they do is Chinese and japense.
I myself am writing a story that takes place in (modern) South Korea and I’ve had trouble finding the correct resources.
Cultural clothing, more monolid options, and a variety of backgrounds would be really appreciated.


Yes, I feel like we definitely need more monolid options because not all Asian eyes look the same, some people have different eyelid creases to others. We do need more Asian representation in Episode.


Yes we do need more Asian clothing, backgrounds, music, and animations (like the to show respect in many Asian cultures they bow). I really hope Episode will add these kind of things in the future.


Yes! One of my stories thst I wanted to do is inspired by Goong. But thre aren’t any clothes






Support! :slight_smile:


YES YES YES! :blush: