LGBT representation is super important, however, because you can’t tell if someone is LGBT by just looking at them, clothing with LGBT slogans are absolutely essential for the Episode wardrobe.

Just a few tees with “LGBT” wording, or a phrase like “bi ftw”, “love is love”, etc, would help authors a ton and make LGBT/questioning readers feel at home.

Please support this topic if you agree, whether you’re LGBT/questioning yourself or an ally x


I’d love for this to be available! Definitely something to consider for both ink and limelight!



I’d love this! Not only does it support the LGBTQ community, it could also inspire some new ideas.


…Why? I mean why would stupid slogans be essential? I’d rather write a good story that goes through such themes or something. It’s a much more mature and meaningful way of exploring the subject than having a character wear a shirt that says “Look, everyone, I’m different!”

And before someone jumps into conclusions, I’m totally pro LGBT. It’s none of my business who you choose to spend the night with.


Hi David, I totally respect your opinion, but my reasoning is that authors, especially when their writing is in Episode-format, tend to create very cliché LGB characters (mainly guys that go “girrrrrl” every few taps) because LGB characters are not ones you can identify from look.

And since practically 99% of Episode stories only feature just one- sometimes two if there is a love triangle- relationship, (the straight protagonist x their straight love interest) there are hardly any LGB characters identified by being in a relationship in stories. So, as I mentioned earlier, LGB characters often become characters with no other trait than being stereotypically LGB.

So, I thought that a good solution would be for authors to focus more on creating full-rounded characters while using clothing to identify those who are LGB.


Love this idea; however, when you say LGBT, I would personally like gender fluid clothes (in general). T-Shirts would be cute too though, particularly like the ‘love is love’! I would really want one of my characters to go the Pride Parade at some point so to have those background characters in cute shirts would be a nice extra!


Perhaps… But then again it’s that kind of idiocy that we should counter by writing more mature gay (or bi, or trans or helicopter) characters. It’s not only the LGBT characters that are soulless and one-dimensional in the majority of the stories.


It’d be cool if you wanted to a have pride parade scenes for your story! If you don’t like it then don’t use it. :woman_shrugging:

Great idea btw @Deliyah


To be honest, I’ve been thinking about putting some pieces of gay culture in the story, but I don’t wanna force it if that just simply doesn’t happen.

In all brutal honesty, it’s kinda difficult for a straight white guy from the middle of nowhere in Scandinavia to think of the minorities. Not because I don’t want or like to, but because it’s not really THAT common here yet.

Of course there are some here, but a Mexican over here, for example, is quite a rare delicacy. LGBT community is alive and well, though, but when I come up with a character, I seldom bother to think about their sexual orientation unless it has some kind of a reason to be out there.


When discussing the topic about LGBT clothing and other matters, I’d have to agree with @DavidRunk .
While some people, LGBT or not, take pride in themselves and show off who they via clothing choices/options, I find, as an author, that if you have use clothing to define your character SOLELY, then it’s plain lazy. I’m not saying that clothing doesn’t help define your character, for example I have a punk/ex-streetfighter character that goes around wearing jackets with no shirt, but that adds to the character of her being all like, ‘I don’t care what you think, anyway, it’s hot’ type of attitude that you’re instantly bombarded with as soon as you’re introduced to her. But to have a character SOLELY, and I say ‘solely’ with as much emphasis as I can manage in text form, based or judged by their clothing choices(and that god forbidden cliche gay attitude), then it’s just plain lazy. Have a gay dude that likes to dress as a dude! Have a lesbian that dresses, while yes like a biker chick, sort of like a tom-girl! Have a shy closeted bisexual who dresses, you know it, like a dude. Have a dude that says he likes dresses but is straight. Either way, it’s better for you to define your character by their attitude and actions, not the way they look.

(they seriously don’t need a sign pointing at them saying ‘GAY/whatever’.)

(P.S, but I don’t mind if anyone makes a dress for a guy lol, love to see that.)


agree! episode has said they want more diversity, but we have no representation of LGBT+ on clothing… authors have no resources for LGBT stories and episode won’t make any. i hope they will improve their diversity levels soon…

(PS stories with a gay character doesn’t make the story diverse. nor does a POC in a story.)


I think the idea of lgbt representative clothing is wonderful! However unless characters were going to a pride parade or any other type of lgbt focused event, I just don’t see them wearing clothing with the words LGBT printed on it at all. (Unless they’re uber proud and want to show off their sexuality on a daily basis)

I think a more subtle way of having lgbt clothing would be having rainbow colored shirts or accessories, with the other flag patterns included as well. Pins are also a good way of representing the community and could have = signs or flags or symbols. This way the clothing could be used in any type of scenario and don’t have to be there just for the sake of showing a queer character as queer. Clothing such as rainbow striped sweaters or three toned blue,purple, and pink colored t-shirts could be worn on anyone that isn’t in the community without having it be strictly lgbt related and used for fashion purposes instead.


understand this, but if episode wants to bring diversity into this, they need to release things specifically for LGBT+. rainbows are a beautiful symbol, but we want clothes specifically for LGBT, as people can just wear rainbows because they like them and think they’re pretty. And yes, people can wear shirts that say “love is love” casually. it’s not showing off on a daily basis really, it’s just pride. i would understand that totally if they wore a shirt that says “IM LGBT” but a simple quote about pride isn’t an issue.



People see one gay or POC character and it’s “diverse”


Ahhh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for it to come off as me saying that wearing lgbt quotes and such were showing off or an issue! I just thought that more subtle options would be suitable because it’d be something I’m more likely to wear or see irl. But now that I think about it, what I said was opinionated on what I personally thought would like. Of course there isn’t any issue if there were shirts that boldly stated “I’M LGBT”. I’m sorry that I made it seem that way, I just wanted more subtle choices as well.

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in that case, it’s all good :slight_smile:

it sounded like you were saying that boldly openly wearing LGBT clothing on a “casual basis” was an issue. glad you explained.

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agree, like in the story “my teacher my gangster” (or gang leader?? idk something like that) they put one gay asian character (who acts exactly like damian in mean girls) and a black best friend and they thought that was okay… i feel like all stories do this. they put 2 POC in your friend group (whom act stereotypical which can be offensive and non-diverse at all) and they think it’s all good. like… its not

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Im a Lesbian, but i would never wear a ‘im gay’ slogan shirt or whatever, simply because to me homosexuality is normal and even though im proud of my sexuality, its not needed for me. I dont see straight people walking with ‘im straight’ slogans on their shirt either. And in real life, just by looking at me people usually see me as a straight girl. Why? Because im a Arabic looking girly girl, which is weird to me since not all Lesbians look masculine, just like all gay men dont look girly.
I do like to see more masculine clothes, masculine hairstyles and tattoos for females, just because i like it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What i think would be a very strong message from Episode towards the LGBT community, is creating a LGBT story, maybe they could work together with Ilene Chaiken, the writer and producer of a very populair serie in the LGBT community, called the L word. Or create their own version of it. There are alot of possibilities, but they need to be willing to create it.


I actually got a message the other day saying my story was too diverse :sweat_smile::joy:


Well, like what @Chida said, btw what I thought you said Chida was very interesting and point proving, people just don’t walk around with ‘I am this’ or ‘I am that’, the only place I’ve seen that is in movies (or at a pride parade). Like, I find it sort of silly the idea of me running around in a ‘IMma SUPPER str8’ or something, please don’t subject your characters to that level of indecency, cause like, seriously. Like I had previously mentioned before a while ago, if you heavily rely on clothing to define your characters all together, then it just gets lazy. It’s perfectly fine if you actually do have a cliche gay character, though it IS rather cliche and annoying, but they’re people too. If you think about it. In their own universe. So if you don’t want to walk around wearing a ‘Im asian’ or ‘im a gurl’ or whatever and running around showing it off to everyone, don’t subject your characters to it. It’s just plain cruel.
(also, the thing that you said about the whole ‘diversity’ thing was true. hate it when stories do that too lol.)