When Love in Florida was still being written, I was getting asked a lot about why I don’t put transgender characters in the story. I had to simply reply that while for females there were more boyish options, there are no girlish options for males. It would be great for more diverse clothing in both ink and limelight, and even for people who are still writing in classic!


Ink, Limelight, and Classic.


To anyone who believes people don’t wear clothes reflective of how they identify: Tell that to my feminism and pride shirts that I, a bisexual woman, own.
People expressing their identity through clothing. A concept.


I think the ‘love is love’ shirt is a nice idea!! :heart_eyes:

I would love to see this added!


Also can we try to keep the vibe positive here guys? It was just a suggestion and everyone is entitled to different opinions, but maybe don’t turn this lovely post into something so negative :heart:


Oml! Yess Bih. This Is What We Need Right Abt Now! C’mon Episode!! Get Creating!


This would be a great update for them to make on June 26th as if memory serves that’s LGBT pride day?


Maybe we could have certain pride flags on T-shirts.


sorry that they’re different sizes but! yeah if they could make these into T-shirts or headbands or even bracelets that would be super cool!


Pride flag bracelets would be amazing!


I think this is a cute idea! Obviously it shouldn’t be used as a cheap shortcut for diversity. It would be fun to have characters wearing these during a pride event or something like that. Also I like the idea of the flags that someone mentioned above. Also another thing I would like is flags or slogans on pins as accesories! I see a lot of lgbt+ pins around my school on backpacks so that would be fun!


and women who wear shirts that say that women are better than men have something wrong with them. (cough cough feminists.)
Um, how did we go from the talk of more LGBT clothing to Sexism and the misuse of Feminism, for one thing the word you were looking for is misogynist, and for another thing, feminists think that women and men are equals. And with the opinion part you obviously want to express, as you said everyone has their own opinion so you’re fighting the majority opinion. We just want more diverse clothing, and honestly more clothing in general for both women and men. I would love to have more skirts for men due to the transgender community being in Episode as well, without getting into the tricky topic of whether a transgender male or female should get surgery or not. The thing with the clothing is that girls who wear male clothing are seen as Tom boys, and the boys who wear skirts are seen as either weird or crazy, not really seen as trans or cross dressers. Before you start preaching why we shouldn’t get clothes that help us a little more, it would be awesome. Character creations make more feminine versions of each detail anyway so its not like it can be obvious!


I hope they add this I recently came out to some of my friends and I would love this


Dang it, thought I was done with this topic, listen, I wrote and responded to this topic when I was 1. On drugs (medication drugs) and 2. When I was under attack from someone. I wasn’t thinking right in the head. But my opinion is “you can use lgtbq+ clothing, but not if the purpose for it, is if you are too lazy to write a decent gay/whatever character yourself, and want an easy way out of it.” That’s all. I’m totally for all this to happen, EPISODE says it’s diverse but doesn’t even have lgbtq+ clothing.
I personally don’t want stuff like “I’m gay” writteb on a shirt, just 'cause I feel like that might be bordering on offensive, actually, now that I think about it, it might be the reason EPISODE isn’t putting stuff like this in. It might just lead to unnecessary squabbling about how EPISODE is handling lgtbq1 clothing all wrong or something like that.



I support this and I would really like more feminine clothes in the male section for transgender people, cross dressers, drag queens, etc and vice versa for the female section. This would make stories much more diverse and it would help in mine, and other people’s, stories a lot. Hopefully they add more diverse clothing to all styles :slightly_smiling_face:


I had no idea you were a pansexual trans man! Anyway, as a bisexual (still shook from just saying that) I feel that making non-gendered clothing would be really cool.


I love that idea


I agree! Even just ones with the flags would be appreciated!


This is a cute idea but I would rather we wrote stories with LGBT characters that had development rather than pinning clothes on them.

Why do we need to put our sexuality on an item of clothing?

No offense but if I were to make a thread that said “Heterosexual clothing” where I put slogans about being straight on it people would report it for being homophobic.

Do you get what I mean?

I’m not against the community but why is it necessary?


I agree with you. I’m in the community, but I don’t walk around wearing a t shirt that says ‘hey I’m bi!’ sure, I’ve made bracelets using the colours of the bi flag, but those are subtle. I also feel like clothing items like this will be used for cheap shots at ‘diversity’


I do agree that characters should not be made through informed attributes, and that they should be given development and let people know about this through their behaviour or words, rather than just a clothing item.

These clothes are not necessary, but people like them. I know some people who do wear pride clothing, I’ve seen strangers around uni use clothing that reflects their sexuality, one of my best friends buys almost every rainbow thing she can find, and I sometimes feel like dressing up in the ace flag colours just because. Again, adding these clothes is not necessary, but I would like to see them because they exist and it’s a way we can express our pride.

Now, onto the heterosexual clothing… funnily enough there’s heteronormative clothing, I’ve seen many guys with dumb t-shirts that sexualise women or with innuendos, so yeah, that exists too. However, the reason people don’t want these as much as pride clothing is because we have been denied our existence and oppressed for a very long time, and we still are. I am speaking for myself here, but I think some people may relate. I wear ace flag colours and want an ace ring, I do this because I’m proud of who I am, but also because sometimes I just want to yell “hey, I exist, don’t erase my existence,” which is something that happens to a lot of LGBT people. I also wear these is because it reminds me, and shows people that I belong, a lot of us have been marginalised and pushed aside by our peers, so finding a clothing item, something that can be mass produced, validating our existences is just really freaking nice. Adding to that, it also helps us realise that, hey, maybe we’re not as broken as we were made believe we were.

So yeah, rather than just showing our sexualities, to me these clothing means, I exist, I am not broken, and I belong.

Plus, I’m a sucker for puns, and any thing with a sexuality pun is just amazing for me XD