I do agree that characters should not be made through informed attributes, and that they should be given development and let people know about this through their behaviour or words, rather than just a clothing item.

These clothes are not necessary, but people like them. I know some people who do wear pride clothing, I’ve seen strangers around uni use clothing that reflects their sexuality, one of my best friends buys almost every rainbow thing she can find, and I sometimes feel like dressing up in the ace flag colours just because. Again, adding these clothes is not necessary, but I would like to see them because they exist and it’s a way we can express our pride.

Now, onto the heterosexual clothing… funnily enough there’s heteronormative clothing, I’ve seen many guys with dumb t-shirts that sexualise women or with innuendos, so yeah, that exists too. However, the reason people don’t want these as much as pride clothing is because we have been denied our existence and oppressed for a very long time, and we still are. I am speaking for myself here, but I think some people may relate. I wear ace flag colours and want an ace ring, I do this because I’m proud of who I am, but also because sometimes I just want to yell “hey, I exist, don’t erase my existence,” which is something that happens to a lot of LGBT people. I also wear these is because it reminds me, and shows people that I belong, a lot of us have been marginalised and pushed aside by our peers, so finding a clothing item, something that can be mass produced, validating our existences is just really freaking nice. Adding to that, it also helps us realise that, hey, maybe we’re not as broken as we were made believe we were.

So yeah, rather than just showing our sexualities, to me these clothing means, I exist, I am not broken, and I belong.

Plus, I’m a sucker for puns, and any thing with a sexuality pun is just amazing for me XD