One word…YES


They want to express their sexuality and feel good about themselves. To be more open.

The LGBT+ community is ridiculed for their sexuality and we heterosexuals are not. That example you made makes no sense whatsoever. You aren’t deemed as disgusting for being Straight or to feel bad or considered as a sin. If you want to make your remarks about the clothing go ahead but don’t do this on a thread that supports it. Especially since what you said was disrespectful. They want to be represented in Episode and to express it. I get where you are coming from when you said it’s not real development when you just add clothes on them but it matters of they make the characters correctly and accurately. If they do then it’s good to add the clothes on it for representation. Like I said, if you have a problem with this then don’t do it on here that wants it to be added and encourages it if you are gonna make those comments. Thank you.


Good point. Thank you.


I am allowed to share my opinion though. I just don’t see it necessary :no_mouth:





S u p p o r t


SUPPORT!! I want these.


Bump :rainbow_flag: still need these :heart:


I absolutely agree with that. I’d be so cute and beautiful to see, that lgbtq gets the attention it needs.:grin::rainbow_flag:


They go from “we want to be normal members of society” to “look all our clothes are made from different pride flags!”

Sexual Orientation shouldn’t be defined by the clothes you wear, and it shouldn’t be the only thing that defines you as a person.

If I were to make a thread asking for right leaning humor clothes and MAGA hats (something I’d never do), I’d get mobs of hypocrites screeching like banshees.


Thanks for only proving my points, whoever got offended by my comment,


I agree with you in the fact that I’d wear something in the colours of the bi flag or non binary flag just to say “Look at me! I exist!”


Honestly I think that there’s already enough stories where characters are sexualities, not people. Clothes like the ones suggested would probably just help produce more characters with no proper personality. If you want a gay character, just give them a partner of the same gender, much better than basing their entire character around it. A good story has good characters of different sexualities, not sexualities somewhat made into characters.


It really matters on how you make the character. The clothing is for expressing it. It’s the persons fault they can’t do it right, not the clothing itself.


What about transitioning transgender people in stories? Dresses for male body types?

There are many ways in which people choose to express their sexualities. That doesn’t necessarily have to mean they’re defined by them.


Make it seem like the clothing is the problem for that. It isn’t. I’m what idealology does the clothing define their whole personality? No. It’s for expressin ones sexuality for who they are. If you can’t understand that then don’t speak in such way of it.


Definitely. The problem with Episode at the moment is the gendernormative nature of clothing. Everything is cisgender and there is very little crossover between the two sexes. This is particularly prevalent with the MtF side of things lately, since it’s been relatively standard for women to wear trousers and other traditionally “masculine” clothing.

That being said, there were only heels for women until recently.


And to think they can add Hijabs for males but not heels or dresses? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: What type of—


It’s ridiculous. You KNOW those are being misused.


I’ve always wanted more androgynous and gender-neutral clothes/hairstyles for characters. It’s kind of hard to make them non-binary/androgynous/fluid with the current options.
Epsiode REALLY needs to take a look at Taylor from Billions. I’m talking about clothes that they* would wear.

But then again, who says clothes like that have to apply to LGBT characters? I honestly prefer boyish clothes in real life, and I know I’m not the only one to.

*Taylor is non-binary on the show, as is their actor.


This would be great for pride parades and related events! Yeah they can be misused as a substitute for meaningful representation, but any asset that adds to diversity can be misused. If that happens, it’s that author’s fault, not the artists who made the assets. If we go for pride flag clothing, it won’t be as likely since that’s more subtle and could be worn by anyone (I actually have a shirt that’s not intended to be the ace flag colors but 100% is because it’s a good color combination).

Also let’s think of the opportunity for all those sexuality puns we could include if we went that route. ALL the puns.