CLOTHING: Limelight clothes on Ink


I personally can’t part with the Ink art style and have all ready done work on my story in Ink. But, I am IN LOVE with the Limelight clothes. Can we please get the Limelight clothes on the Ink style as well?

Mixed character and outfits! Now you can put the Ink outfits at Limelight and vice versa!
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LL and INK clothes on the characters AT THE SAME TIME!

I definitely support this. Limelight has such a nice variety of clothing. I wish INK ahead the same features.


i know how to do that!


I agree the limelight clothes are wonderful especially the prep school outfits, and it would be nice if they could transfer them to ink


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Mixed character and outfits! Now you can put the Ink outfits at Limelight and vice versa!
Feature + Art Suggestions + Animations Index!

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Some of them fit perfectly!

Model: April :slight_smile:





SUPPORT!!! Need this to happen ASAP


I support this 100% we INK authors need these beautiful clothes !!!




SUPPORT!!! :+1:t3:


Those clothes are too beautiful! Support!!


That could work because they have fairly alike bodies. and the cropped hoodie already exists in both so the others could too.


I think this is a good idea but I don’t support it.
INK and LIMELIGHT are two separate styles and should be kept that way otherwise it defeats the point of having both styles.


I support, It doesn’t EXACTLY defeat the purpose. Limelight is a whole different character style altogether, some of LIMELIGHT’s clothing has INK clothing in it. Changing the clothes doesn’t mean that it’ll be the exact same. Besides, the episode creators can create individual LL clothes and individual INK clothes that won’t be shared between both styles. :slight_smile: (Not trying to be rude, just stating my opinion, I respect that you have your own as well.


I totally support it. And, they should add more clothes to our style INK. Because, if we are noticing, more players created stories with INK, and barely some people created with LIMELIGHT. So, which means, that INK it’s the power. They should add more clothes. (Just sayin’)


these look stunning, please could you improve this for me



Support!! :star2: :heart::fox_face: