CLOTHING: Limelight clothes on Ink


@southampton23 I gotta agree with you there.

I also do not support this for several reasons. Firstly, it would simply diminish the value of the Limelight style. In theory, if I can use clothes from Limelight on Ink, why would I use Limelight, an incomplete, less established style?

Every style has its own identity and special touch to it and brings an incentive to use it. Whether Classic, INK, Limelight, or Spotlight, each style has things that the other does not… that’s what makes all of the styles unique in their own right. If what @author.y.w said is true that there are INK clothing in Limelight, then I think that’s another bad move. Limelight is already too similar to INK in several areas like animations, but it shouldn’t be for reasons that I stated above.

By the way, in my opinion, the idea of making Limelight clothes available to INK feels greedy when Limelight is fairly new and has a long road ahead of itself before it becomes an established style. So, that is another reason is that Limelight isn’t even complete yet.

“Is INK complete?” Arguably not, but you can’t deny that it is more established than Limelight and Limelight needs more new clothes, accessories, and bodily features in order to become well established…

“Should Episode update Ink more with regular updates?” Of course. In fact, they’re already doing so. @Bibby1171 You are correct when you say that INK is the more popular style right now - however, focusing only on one style due to popularity won’t allow Limelight to flourish. It is also bad from a business standpoint, from Episode’s perspective. Am I saying Episode shouldn’t pay any attention to INK? No, I am not but I think it needs to be balanced and logically thought out. People don’t just like INK just because they like it. There are many other reasons but I think they also like it because it has variety and a wide selection that is developed whereas Limelight does not, and Episode is working on that as we speak. So again, why take away what’s making Limelight special and unique and just share it with another style?

Should Episode make new content for INK, then they should, but the route this suggestion is proposing isn’t the way to do it in my opinion. Want to make new INK content? By all means, do so. The demand is high. But don’t just transfer from the clothing from Limelight to INK. It devalues both styles because there’s nothing different or nothing to gain from utilizing one of the styles besides the art preference. And it’s just plain lazy.

Nevertheless, Episode should differentiate between styles in order to appeal to more audiences. At the same time, Episode should also be putting extra focus for Limelight otherwise it’ll never become as successful as INK. Limelight has potential and if given proper time and development it can potentially become just as popular as INK. Different aufiences, different preferences. Anyway, I think that if this suggestion gets implemented, it would hinder the progress of Limelight.


As well as Ink styles on limelight too? Ink has more clothes but limelight has unbelieve detail. It would be nice to mash the two and see how both would look in each others clothes. I mean, I miss the gold dress and sparkly shirts and hats whenever coding with Limelight.


Although INK has more clothes, Limelight has beautiful clothes which INK should have too. :blush:
It would be great if we could use Limelight clothes for INK and the INK clothes for Limelight.


i can do this (-)


Definitely support!!!


Super support! Those look awesome!:raised_hands:




Totally support


I support u too… now I’m confused to support who :joy::joy::joy: you are right it won’t make the other features unique… but it’s hard to move on from the clothes! But i support you 100% now


You’re right, you changed my mind. So, I support this comment.



That’s amazing, but I don’t understand :confused:





SUPPORT! I definitely want to see this happen.


I support this too!


Anyone also want this the other way around though? Don’t know if anyone’s noticed but, the recent clothes in INK look a lot like the ones in LL, some of them are actually the same! Like, one of the white heels, and the cropped hoodies, etc. I think it would be nice if we were able to use the LL-looking clothes in INK for LL too!




How did you do it? I tried and it doesn’t work!:weary:


For some users it’s just not working…