CLOTHING: Limelight clothes on Ink




Ummm, before you start boasting about this, it doesn’t work anymore. Don’t believe me? Try it.




Makes sense. People may stop using LL if this was added, but at the same time Limelight is still growing, and they still have tons of specific animations that people would use the style for as well! The main reason why I want to write at least one of my stories in limelight is because of the clothing, but there are still plenty of Limelight fans out there who would still use it.


But how do I get the clothes?


OMGGG THANKS @YT_Zparkles it actually works yasssss


HUNYYYYY omg yes!!!


support all the way!




SUPPORT completely! :heart_eyes:


I live for more loose clothing! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::sob:


I wish INK had these clothes. :slightly_frowning_face:


Same! So support! :grin::laughing: and tell your friends to support it!


I agree with @southampton23

Also, to me limelight style put on ink just looks AWKWARD.
They’re two completely different styles. Ink is very lined and flat. Limelight has more definition and shadows.
It just looks weird to me :joy:

The same with limelight, if we got ink clothes it would look off. A shirt with a solid color on a character with a realistic shaded tone to them?



Love your pfp! :heart:

The new clothes just released for Ink would look so much better on Limelight. Like you said, It doesn’t fit with the style.


Thank you! I drew it myself :two_hearts:

I think all these limelight styles they’re releasing for ink should also be added to limelight at least BECAUSE ITS LIMELIGHTS STYLE



Omg you’re an amazing drawer!

The limelight clothes look ridiculous on Ink.


They look gorgeous in my opinion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Bump!


Each to their own I guess. Some of the clothes are cute but they go better on limelight :slight_smile:


Bump :smile: