CLOTHING: Limelight clothes on Ink


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Bumping with some more outfit & costume ideas because why not. :stuck_out_tongue:
Apart from a couple minor issues with some LL shoes, look at how fitting these look.

Makes me wanna cri…


HOLD ON… you are telling me you did not have to modify anything?


Modify what?


I mean, I am assuming you had to make many changes for the clothes to fit INK bodies in that picture, right? Because INK and Limelight bodies are nothing alike…


some of them are glitchy but most of them fits! :smile:


love, love, love :heart_eyes:


All I had to do with specific clothing items (mostly necklaces, hats and shoes) was remove and replace them with Ink items. I had to add at least one Ink item in order for the outfit to show up on the Ink character preview in the first place. Generally, LL tops and bottoms (dresses also) tend to fit perfectly on Ink characters. You can try and see for yourself, it’s quite fun, too. :slightly_smiling_face:


I am going to sound like an idiot… but… preview? What are you doing, exactly? I thought this was something artistic, as in… Photoshop and all those editors that give me a headache.

EDIT: Never mind. Apes explained it to me by PM. Let’s keep it on topic :joy:


omg I love and need the third + fourth outfits for males :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:




Totally support this. lets make this happen plz and thank you


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