CLOTHING: Limelight Clothing Organization


Right now it seems as if the limelight clothes are very disorganized. There are shoes that are not categorized as such, accessories (like watches or chokers) that are not in accessories. Most of the dresses are not filed under dresses etc.

Though I have most of the clothes memorized, it does take me quite a bit longer to create outfits and especially for those authors switching from Ink to Limelight just a bit more organization would be helpful.

CLOTHING: Better organization

Yes, LL’s outfit creator is a mess. Support.




Totally agree, support!


I haven’t seen a single post about this! It’s so annoying to have to scroll through the sea of clothing! Then on top of the if you have the newest clothing first filter on the newest clothing doesn’t even show!!! It’s so frustrating (yes Ik u can get around that with the most recently updated but it’s still annoying)




I totally agree here. They should organize everything even before releasing it. I mean, how hard is it to tag a clothing as a top/bottom/dress etc.? It’s such a pain to scroll down. Imagine if they continue releasing tons of clothes and this issue wasn’t addressed… :fearful:




I support this ^^




Bump :blush: