CLOTHING: LimeLight female [+male edit] (Victorian, Georgian, Rococo)


I love clothes like this. It’s rather beautiful. * I will update this later for both female and male characters!

Edited version: Okay, so I worked on a few male clothing designs. I have plans for more soon but I am a little busy with a few artworks sooo I released Pearl and Oscar, my twin male models.

Cinnamontoast’s 18th-century set suggestion: CLOTHING: 18th century
CD_Erugo’s Butler and Maid attire suggestion: CLOTHING: Limelight Maid and Butler Set

Limelight Fantasy/Victorian Clothing
More Victorian Clothing?

I love how you added it on the characters as well it’s smart.


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Your editing is amazing as well :slight_smile:


Thank you! I really love drawing so I figured I would put it to use.


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Okay, We N E E D these!




When can we get these ? I absolutely love them !


Support! These would be so helpful for my story.




By the way, I was just wondering if you plan on making these available in different colours??? :slight_smile:
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I’m not sure, yet. Around these eras purples and blues were associated with the rich or middle class, browns and burgundy were associated with the poor and middle class. And white were associated with all of the classes. Gold was only for the rich.

So, I will be making more in purple and in grey. Another will be a light shade of blue. These colors are for the guys. Is there a color you would like to see?


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Fab! You really know your topic that’s so cool ! :blush: I’m creating a story set in a Victorian-like time period, so I was really interested in the Victorian dress model as well as for the guys :slight_smile: It’s not out just yet, and I think I’m going to wait until you release the models because you’ve done an amazing job :wink: Do you have an idea when they will ready? I don’t think I’ve got a preference for colours dwdw :kissing_heart:


Not certain now since I have been focusing on my third book, but it will been within the next coming week that I will take a day to draw a few pictures. I might take time to do the same tomorrow.


Nice :slight_smile: Good luck with that !