CLOTHING: LimeLight female [+male edit] (Victorian, Georgian, Rococo)


…I both support this and am in total awe of your editing skills



Thank you!


Support :slight_smile:


Support… Limelight is cringy with its moderness
You won’t believe how many kingdom stories I’ve read that had their immersion RUINED because there’s no “old” clothes.
Honestly, a kingdom story with a fairytale plot that takes place in 2019 doesn’t appeal to me.


Support :hearts: Your edits are amazing, it’s so difficult writing a historical fiction on the app when most of the clothes are so modern, episode take notes!!




I would die for these clothes!!!


Oh, no! Don’t do that! You must live for these clothes. :laughing:


lol i know , i just mean i really really want them in my life :sob::joy::sweat_smile:




omg :heart_eyes:


Definitely Support this. Absolutely in need!